Emma Watson shows Fallon her moves


She may have bade farewell to Hermione, but Emma Watson can still cast quite a spell. The beguiling Brit’s latest victim is chat show host and comedian, Jimmy Fallon, who danced up a storm with the Harry Potter star on his show During Watson’s interview on Late Night, Fallon, 37, showed footage of a dance rehearsal from her new movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This inspired him Fallon to ask her if she could teach him a few moves. ‘Yeah, for sure,’ Watson readily agreed, before asking: ‘Are you down?” Watson then led Fallon on to the stage and put him throw his paces with a number of musical classics. Talking about the movie recently, Emma said she is hoping it allows her fans to see a different side to her, rather than her Harry Potter alter-ego Hermione. She said: ‘I hope what Harry Potter fans can see is that I am able to transform, that there are other sides of me that perhaps they haven’t seen yet, and that they might allow me a little bit of room. ‘Just doing American really is different. People have said to me that they keep forgetting it’s me when they see the movie, which for me is more than enough. That’s a success in itself for me, really.’