CM constitutes flood rehabilitation committee under Sanaullah


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has constituted a 14-member committee headed by Provincial Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah for assessing the financial and human losses due to rains in Bahawalpur and DG Khan Divisions.
The committee will submit its recommendations within a week to the CM and financial assistance and rehabilitation of the affectees would be carried out per the recommendations of the committee. Per reports, the committee will also looking into reducing and waiving of Agri-income tax, water bill(s) and Abiyana.
First meeting of this committee was held on Saturday under the chairmanship of Sanaulalh at Punjab Assembly. The members of the committee were told that a comprehensive survey of flood stricken areas of Rajanpur and DG Khan will be carried out and information regarding losses at urban and rural levels will be compiled. The committee will formulate separate reports on rural and urban areas.
Federal government would also be approached to complete the Kachi Canal project at DG Khan as the contractors had created hurdles in the flow of water in DG Canal by constructing small dams and relief activities in flood-hit areas would be carried out.
63,770 ration packs, 35 thousand rice bags of 20-kg each, 37 thousand wheat bags, seven thousand tents and 45 thousand bottles of mineral water have been distributed in DG Khan. Mobile dispensaries were providing medical treatment and medicines to the affectees, the committee members said.