Charlie Sheen films love scene with Lindsay Lohan


Troubled stars Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan filmed a love scene this week for `Scary Movie 5` and shared some playful pillow talk between takes. The script apparently called for Lohan to kiss Sheen, and also to slip into a kinky collar. Lohan had got cold feet about shooting the scene earlier but sources said she was a sport on the sets, reported New York Post. “Charlie and Lindsay filmed a love scene. The scene they were shooting for the movie was of them in bed together. Lindsay was a great sport. “She was poking fun at herself, and she really got into it and seemed to enjoy it,” said a source. The two actors with Hollywood`s most infamous off-screen reputations even “shared some playful pillow talk during shooting,” the source added. “They were ad-libbing,” the source said, and bonding over their reputations between takes. “They were joking that they`ve both had a lot of issues over the past couple of years.”