AQ Khan accused Benazir to wash his own guilt: PPP


Spokesperson PPP Senator Farhatullah Babar has strongly rebutted Dr AQ Khan’s assertion that he transferred nuclear materials and technology to two countries on the orders of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
The assertion of AQKhan is a belated and desperate attempt to wash the guilt of proliferating nuclear weapons by associating the name of Benazir Bhutto to lend a semblance of respectability to a crime that brought huge embarrassment and inflicted incalculable damage to Pakistan, Senator Farhatullah Babar said in a statement.
Farhatullah Babar said that public memory was not so short as to forget the public apology tendered by AQ Khan on national television in February 2004 in which he acknowledging nuclear proliferation also admitted his guilt thus: “I have much to answer for it”.
Expressing “the deepest sense of sorrow, anguish and regret” over what he had done Dr Khan had also admitted in his infamous TV appearance, “The investigation has established that many of the reported activities did occur and that these were inevitably initiated at my behest”.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the so-called disclosure by Dr Khan at this point of time was a futile attempt to wash his guilt by seeking to associate Benazir Bhutto in his crime.
It is disgusting that almost a decade later Dr Khan should be seeking to restore his image by laying the blame at the door of Shaheed Bibi when the latter is no longer alive, Senator Babar said. But while one may pity the twists and turns of a guilt-laden conscious it should not be forgotten that the stern laws of nature seldom pause for pity, the senator said.
Dr Khan would do well to re-read his February 2004 public statement on national television and remember that the words and sentences he uttered on that fateful day can never be recalled, he added.
In an interview to a private media group, Dr Khan had alleged that Benazir Bhutto had asked for the transfer of nuclear technology to two countries that she had named.
Responding to different questions, Khan said that the transfer of nuclear technology was not so easy that one could put it into his pocket and hand it over to another country. “At least 800 people are used to supervise the process. The then prime minister Benazir Bhutto summoned me and named the two countries which were to be assisted and issued clear directions in this regard,” Khan said. “I was not independent but was bound to abide by the orders of the prime minister, hence I did take this step in compliance with her order. The prime minister would have certainly known about the role and cooperation of the two countries, mentioned by her, in our national interest,” he explained.


  1. Dr abdul qadeer has lost his mind completely.He is so full of himself,always praising himself and trying to belittle others.He seems to be very frustrated and mentally upset,there is no need to take him seriously.

    • yes i agree,he is a big show off and likes to take credit for everything.I used to read his articles in a newspaper ,which for always full of praise for himself.He likes to criticis others,he should keep quiet as he is of no use now.

  2. So all those MF who were blaming mush for forcing AQ to apologies at the behest of USA should now …….. the dotted line are filled with all the conceivable bad thing

  3. The general impression is that Pakistan transferred nuclear technology to North Korea in exchange for Missile technology. Even if it was during Benazir Bhutto's period, the idea must have originated somewhere else, however, Dr. Qadeer's act of trying to absolve himself by implicating others is deplorable. Dr. Qadeer cannot for reasons known to everyone divulge names of persons who took such decisions.

  4. they haven't stop of accusing her of everything under the sun even she's dead . this dishonored man have stoop to any low

  5. He is compulsive liar.
    first he cheated his Holland firm where he signed affidavit of secrecy of his work
    then he lied to dutch government to marry a dutch woman.
    He was not fit for this job as he has foreign wife and other nuclear scientists opposed his work. but he made alignment with Bhutto and Generals to jump into race of nuclear arsenals.
    Nuclear program was throughout in control of Pak army.The budget of PAEC, Khauto plant and other nuclear installation were approved by GHQ.
    Dr Qadeer transferred all nuclear knowledge and centrifuge to Iran, Libya and south Korea under supervision of army .It is crystal clear to all that he was all Time surrounded by army officers during her all projects and now he is trying to put credit or discredit to Bhutto or shariff is highly shameful comment.
    He as 22 grade officers bought hotel in tumbktoo.Investing a lot in luxurious educational complexes of Bahria town projects. and now try to be sincere Pakistani at his last part of age.
    At this age he has no courage to speak truth which shows he is some kind of compulsive liar

  6. I look at his statements in psychological perspective. He was sort of self-proclaimed Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Programme. But was (felt) humiliated on public TV by admitting proliferation. After departure of Gen. Musharraf, he was expecting similar treatment and respect towards himself as that of Dr. AJK Abu-al-Kalam in India, who was honoured to become head od State. Unfortunately, it did not happen for some national and international hurdles.
    We must understand his mental condition and just leave him to himself. At the same time we have to put a check on his movements and staments, so that he should not disclose anything harmful to the country and its nuclear programme. His mental health must be re-evalued, and ractified if so required.

  7. Dr Qadeer has recently launched his political party, Tehrik-e-Tahafuz-e- Pakistan and through it plans to fight corruption in the country. He will contest the upcoming elections as well. Since relieved of house arrest, Dr Qadeer has been in the news either through his write-ups or different statements on the socio-political situation of Pakistan. His latest allegation on Benazir and on other leadership of the country is seen as an attempt to gain political mileage which if not checked could eventually become dangerous for the country.

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