60 foreigners held for carrying heroin


Islamabad Police on Saturday arrested 60 persons including 16 Afghans and 10 Nigerians from different areas of the city in the ongoing operation against anti-social elements, police sources said.
According to details, the police raided a house in I-10/1 and arrested six Nigerians while also recovering 500-grams of heroin from their possession.
In another raid of a house in the same sector, police arrested 4 other Nigerians and recovered one kilogram of heroin, 24 bottles of beer and 2 wine bottles from their possession.
Similarly, Police officers of Golra Station and Industrial Police Station arrested 50 suspected persons including 16 Afghans in a search operation in different areas of the city.
SSP Islamabad had directed all the Station House Officers (SHO) of the city to acerbate their search operations and fight against anti social activities.
Police have registered separate cases against the accused and started investigations.