Interpol refuses to arrest Musharraf due to ‘lack of evidence’


The Interpol has refused to arrest former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf in connection with Benazir Bhutto’s murder case, describing Pakistan’s evidences “insufficient”, a private TV channel reported on Friday. Sources said Interpol had also returned the letter sent by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) due to “lack of evidences” against the former president. The FIA had issued a red warrant to Interpol’s headquarters for Musharraf’s arrest following orders by Rawalpindi’s Anti-Terrorism Court.
The relevant documents were dispatched to Interpol authorities in Geneva. However, the international organization has retuned the dossier with objections. The Pakistani government, through the FIA, had requested the Interpol to bring Musharraf back to the county in order to carry out proceedings against him in the murder probe.


  1. If, I was at the helm of Interpol, I would ask the government of Pakistan a very simple question, that why you want Interpol to arrest Pervaiz Musharraf, when your ambassador in China, accords him full protocol and throws an official dinner party in his honour in the embassy and then you further decorate that ambassador with a high national award and a prized posting at New York UNO head office.

    So, please government of Pakistan, explain this mockery before befooling the public, by entering into their eyes with shoes on.

  2. Asking Interpol is joke. Pak Goverbment is not serious. One of the BB murderer is sitting in President house and other is interior minister of the country.

  3. Egg in the face for Malik – another unsuccessful mission to add to his ever growing list.We are still waiting to hear the outcome of your litigation against the Sun newspaper in UK. Don't you think any honourable man would resign under such circumstances

    • How did you even Think that Malik is an honourable man. He is most disgusting person. He should rub this nose in dirty every morning till he does not have a nose.

  4. Zardardi the uneductaed fool is just trying to put the blame game in the publics eye, so his opposition who might come back into the country to govern again will be out of his way.

    keep trying gadari!!

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