Army will try three generals accused in NLC scam


Pakistan Army on Friday announced that it would investigate the charges against three retired generals accused of being involved in the multi-billion rupee National Logistics Cell (NLC) scam according to the Pakistan Army Act. The Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) issued its stance for the first time in the case of financial irregularities in the National Logistic Cell. The three accused generals, Lt General (r) Khalid Munir Khan, Lt Gen (r) M Afzal Muzzafar and former NLC DG Maj Gen (r) Khalid Zaheer Akhtar, were already questioned in that regard, the press release issued by the ISPR added. Major general level officers were designated to analyze the Summary of Evidence on behalf of Chief of Army Staff Ashfaq Kayani.
The COAS would further direct after analyses of the summary, it said. “Basing on the credibility of the evidence accrued through these Summaries of Evidence, the COAS will decide on the next legal step. It is categorically stated that the case will be conducted strictly in accordance with due process of law and those proven guilty of wrong doings will be brought to justice.” “It is further clarified that for recording of the Summaries of Evidence, it was essential to bring the accused officers under PAA. “Therefore, accused retired officers were taken on the strength of the army. This was done in accordance with Pakistan Army Act Section 92, read in conjunction with Section 40. The accused officers have neither been re-hired nor reinstated.” The three accused were taken back in active service so that they may face court martial, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of National Assembly was informed on September 6.
The issue of financial mismanagement and alleged corruption of Rs 2 billion in the military-run NLC came to light in February 2009 when the PAC asked the Planning Commission to look into the matter.
Then PAC chairman Nisar Ali Khan first gave a deadline of two months for determining the truth about the scandal. Subsequently, four different inquiries were conducted but the issue remained unresolved.
The first inquiry was carried out by the Planning Commission. While the PAC was discussing the report of this inquiry, it was informed that a consultant had been hired by the new NLC management to prepare a fresh report on the issue.


  1. Any investigation of corruption of Army Generals who are now retired will create more doubts in the minds of common man and will tarnish the image of Pakistan Army and put its credibility in doubt.

    • I don't think so Khalid,atleast I hope not,I just need people to remember that generals are people/humans first just like us before they are anything else,I think its good that the army is investigating the matter,if they are found guilty,I think the generals should call the president and ask if Zardari will save their A**$$ by giving them immunity.buahahahah

      • The question is why Kiyani took 2 years to take actions against his seniors whose proofs of this crime were available in black and white in PAC and NLC record.He gave them plenty of time to move their assets and generation outside the country and now these old babas are left with little accounts and assets in this country where they would be confined to their granted housed and retired privileges to rest of their lives and when need will move abroad on the name of medical checkup.

    • We (and the responsible and impartial media)should focus on Zardari only(and perhaps a few of his minnows in PPP)..since he is the source of all corruption in pak!

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