Afghan cleric blames ‘Obama, Jews’ for diplomat deaths


A top Afghan cleric on Friday said US President Barack Obama and “American Jews” were responsible for the deaths of US diplomats in Libya, but urged only peaceful protest against an anti-Islam film. “This is the work of American Jews, their movie has hurt the sentiments of Muslims around the world,” Enayatullah Baleegh told several thousand worshippers at the Pul-e-Khishti mosque in central Kabul. Baleegh said it was not the first time Americans had insulted Islam and said the work by “two Americans” — apparently referring to the film-makers — had resulted in the deaths of American diplomats in Libya. “These two Jews and President Obama should be held accountable for the death of their diplomats, because it shows the incompetency of the Obama administration and that he could not control such an insulting act,” said the cleric. Mystery remains over who is behind the film, amid conflicting claims of Jewish or Coptic Christian involvement.