Cases against Bahria Town groundless: Aitzaz


Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, counsel for Malik Riaz, has said the cases registered against Bahria Town are baseless.
Talking to reporters on Thursday, he said not a single inch of land had been occupied or acquired by Bahria Town through illegal means.
“No land owner has come up with any complaint against Bahria Town and there is no FIR lodged by any person against the administration,” he said, adding that charges had been framed on the statements of four or five revenue officers.
Aitzaz said investigations against Malik Riaz had been held 11 times in the past but no charge could be established.
He said Bahria Town land case could be transferred to NAB, adding that refusal by the anti-corruption department was tantamount to contempt of court.
Aitzaz said Bahria Town had earned international awards for its philanthropic projects. “Bahria Town has been defrauded and fake cases have been fabricated against it,” he said.
Earlier, a Lahore High Court bench of Justice Shahid Hameed and Justice Maqbool Ahmad heard the case. NAB prosecutor KK Agha said the case could be transferred to NAB.


  1. This is Malik Riaz's money speaking. Mr Aitzaz Ahsan has lost all respect he earned during lawyer movement. He is just another opportunist politician and not a revolutionary.

  2. are you sure,he is innocent or bharia town?criminals do not leave any proves and ones faintest by money hungry lawyers in chores erase it and count international awards etcetc.aitzaz must now leave his profession as he is now a hated person or make no tv appearance and press conferences

  3. He used to have respect of the people, now a clown with sold soul and working for only crooks with mega bucks!

  4. Nothing else but just propaganda is being created against Mr. Malik just to counter the black character of Mr. Arsalan Iftikhar the son of CJP Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry…

  5. Bahria town has no issue in any land and all land is clear how can anybody said like that???? even the land owner has no issue and no FIR in this please stop it and clear this case ASAP.

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