Army troops rescued over 3681 flood affectees to safer places: ISPR


The relief and rescue operations continued by Pakistan Army troops in flood affected areas of Southern Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan.
According to the ISPR flood update Pakistan Army has employed over 1000 troops to rescue the flood affectees and de-water the flash flood areas of Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, Rajanpur, Rojhan, Kandkot, Jacobabad, Ghotki and Dera Murad Jamali.
Army troops have rescued over 3681 flood affectees to safer places through MI-17 and boats at native areas of Kashmore, Badani, village Raees Atta Ullah Bhutto, Meva Khan,Kot Omer Bhutto, Bakhsha Pur,Jampur, Rajanpur, Rojhan and Dera Murad Jamali.
Army Engineers have plugged the breach, which occurred at Pat Feeder Canal at Dera Murad Jamali. Army Aviation has dropped 1000 ration packs in areas around Rojhan and Rajanpur.
Army has established a mobile field hospital at Dera Murad Jamali to treat distress brethren.


  1. The army has always been there for the country,they lay down their lives every day,they are there rescuing people during floods,ther are there protecting the country when enemy comes knocking on the door step, while the civilian government officials do alot of only talking,loud talking saying nothing.If they had to do soldiers job on soldiers salary,non of them would last a day.So appreciate the men and women of our armed forces every day,not just one day a year.No I'm not an x army guy,what I am is a proud son of a retired army officer(may ALLAH bless his soul) Alot of you civilians,you have no idea what its like to be in the armed forces.It ain't all peaches and cream.

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