Ali Zafar steals the limelight at vogue fashion night out in delhi


Ali Zafar is notorious for keeping a low profile when he is travelling in India, preferring the anonymity of blending in and just being a regular guy. However, recently when he was in Delhi for a speech at the Indian Youth Summit he was asked by friends to join them at Vogue Fashion Night Out which is one of the classiest fashion events held every year. This initiative was the brainchild of the ever famous US Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, who started it in 2009 as a way to get people excited about shopping again, during the global recession. It was at this hip gathering that Ali Zafar was mobbed by a crowd of female fans as soon as he entered the after party. He entrance also did not go unnoticed by the Delhi socialites who were curious and attracted by the fanfare and sudden excitement his entrance garnered. As soon as he entered the party, eager fans rushed to take his picture while celebrities and socialites also presented a welcoming front. The event, which is now hosted in 16 countries over a period of 8 days, brings to it the cultural flavour of the country it is being held in. The event is a unique endeavour in itself as it provides a platform for the designers, celebrities, stars to mingle and interact with the shoppers, and also offers great deals, exclusive designs and merchandise. So it was indeed an honour for Ali Zafar to have garnered such excitement at an event that is dotted with famous celebrities and well-known public figures. It goes to show that Ali’s generosity of spirit and undying charm has won the hearts of the Indian population like no other star before. His astronomical rise up the popularity graph is not just because of his talent as a musician, singer and actor, but also as a giving and compassionate human being.


  1. 1 waqt tha jab mere frindz ali ko nai jante the ab wo b jante n hum to tab c un k fan h jab unka song suns tha then i was in 8th class n ab to hum un ki acting k b kayal ho gai h aise acting to bahut kam log kar pate h

  2. Ali is overrated actor…I was irritated by his Heavvy Pakistani accent..but this stupid anti-Hindu media promote useless Muslim actors.
    Shame on us being an Indian

  3. ali is loved in india because he is humble and respectful to all religions

    Remember one thing , if he is being mobbed by fans in india, its definitely because those fans are a majority hindu population

    Time for pakistan to wake up and show some respect to hindus… talent is talent and I dont understand why its so hard for the pakis to respect talented and goodlooking hindus

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