SC grants bail before arrest to Shahabud Din


Supreme Court (SC) Wednesday approved bail before arrest appeal plea of federal minister Makhdoom Shahabud Din in ephedrine case and issued notice to Anti Narcotics Force (ANF).
Makhdoom Shahab ud Din had filed appeal plea against rejection of his bail application by Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi Bench in ephedrine case.
A 3-member bench of SC led by Justice Nasir ul Mulk heard the appeal plea. Sardar Ishaq counsel for Makhdoom Shahab ud Din argued that former DG Health Dr Rashid Jumma allotted ephedrine quota and Makhdoom Shahab ud Din was involved after 8 months of the registration of case .
ANF pressurized Rizwan Ahmad from pharmaceutical company , an accused in the case and made him approver. Makhdoom Shahab ud Din initiated this case as applicant, he added.
Justice Tariq Parvez said upon this how he became applicant as the proceeding was started on the basis of calling attention notice of parliament.
The court granted his bail plea against sureties in the sum of Rs 500000. Further hearing of the proceedings has been adjourned till September 25.


  1. Supreme Court is piece of S#hit really. First setting terrorists free, Malik Ishaq free and now setting these powerful thugs free too. No Justice, No Peace – This country is truly gone to shambles.

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