Malik Riaz submits appeal against Suddle commission


Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz on Tuesday submitted an appeal with the Supreme Court to review the formation of the ‘Shoaib Suddle Commission’. Malik Riaz’s attorney Zahid Bukhari said the commission formed to investigate the Arsalan Iftikhar case was illegal.
The petition challenged the legitimacy of the commission formed by the apex court.
Talking to reporters outside the Supreme Court building, Bukhari said the August 30 decision by the apex court had changed Pakistan’s judicial history. He said an investigative commission could not be formed on the basis of ‘personal choices’. “After the decision, everyone should submit requests to choose their own investigative commissions comprising of individuals and institutions,” he added.
Moreover, he said his client Riaz wished to dignify the apex court. He said Raiz and his family were being entangled in various cases and decisions had been taken in absence of the lawyers of Malik Riaz.
He said an inquiry commission was formed where a government official or institution was involved. Bukhari said it seemed that Suddle would be unable to undertake the investigation in a transparent manner. He said Suddle had a pending murder case registered against him.


    • It is said that in Pakistan, all are equal but some are more equal. These more equals are military personel, judges families and PML-N.

  1. Present SC has made it a practice to itself make fun of justice & fair play. Why in the world should Arsalan get a different treatment. The case is simple. Arsalan, his mother and other members of the family enjoyed European vacation s at the expense of Malik Riaz. Obviously they used the name of Iftikhar. All of them must be arrested for investigation and interrogation. CJP has NO IMMUNITY.

  2. Its a TOPI drama between the privileged of this unfortunate country. This must stop immediately. It has nothing to do with the poor, both Malik Reaz and Dr. Arsalan have got riches through unfair means. The powerful and the privileged would not like to see anyone of them harmed as this will set in motion a dangerous precedence.

  3. Mailk Riaz use his right to change the investigation commission because every one know that single person commission is not able to do it and specially when the investigator is the close one of other please don't waste time of all of us and put this case in final position.

  4. SC should take this as a matter of honor and should finish the single body commission formed to investigate this case, this against SC's honor and Malik riaz has provided it a chance to wash out the stain of this illegal decision against it. Malik Riaz should also be treated as arslan is being treated right from this case begin.

  5. Just heard, that Mr. Malik's appeal against One Man Commission is being considered in SCP.
    It will be more appreciable if the SCP form a commission truly based on Justice and by making some consultancy with Mr. Malik and his legal team as well rather than consulting with Mr. Arsalan Iftikhar only.

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