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RTMA issuing commercial building plans violating rules

Rawal Town Municipal Administration (RTMA) violating the rules and regulations has started issuing plans of commercial buildings to those who offer high bribes while others who follow the legal requirements had to suffer.
Sources said that 93 building plans had been approved from July 2010 till Jan 2012 in which 54 plans were approved within a month while some took over a year to complete the process.
Moreover, blue-eyed persons get approved their building plans within no time while timeframe of two month has been fixed for the approval of plans so that all the plans could be securitized properly.
Citizens talking to INP complained that it was impossible to approve building plans without greasing palms of the concerned officer, saying that multiple objections were raised by the department in case of not obliging them.
Town officer (P&C) Tariq Aziz, when contacted said that building plans could even be approved within one hour if no objection certificate was not required from other departments.
Rejecting allegation of taking bribe, he said that civic body was not bound to approve building plans within a week or hour, adding “But yes we are bound to approve it within timeframe of 60 days,” he added.

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