Malik Riaz refuses to appear before Suddle in Arsalan graft inquiry


Real estate tycoon Malik Riaz has refused to appear before the inquiry commission in the Arsalan Iftikhar case, headed by former police official Dr Shoaib Suddle, Riaz’s lawyer, Zahid Bukhari on said Monday. Riaz is likely to file a review petition in the Supreme Court regarding the constitution of the commission. According to his counsel, Zahid, Riaz will not be appearing before the commission for its hearings.
The commission, constituted on the Supreme Court’s orders, has obtained a complete record of the case from the court and the National Accountability Bureau. Evidence will be collected from those who are party in the case, and media will be allowed to monitor the commission’s proceedings. Once the court releases its directives, Dr Suddle will have to complete his investigation within 30 days. He will be granted the powers of a magistrate and will be able to call assistance from lawyers and deploy state machinery as needed. The commission will launch an inquiry against Riaz, Dr Arsalan and Riaz’s son-in-law Salman Ahmed.


  1. Well that’s a fair enough decision not to appear before a commission which is formed under the favoritism of Judiciary and Mr. Arsalan..This is Not Justice.

  2. Malik Riaz is on right as commission is formed without any prior consultation of him or his lawyer and even in their absence in court, his concerns are even more genuine if we look into the nes of Shoib suddles family relations with CJ and Arslan.

  3. well Mr Riaz said he is not satidfied with Suddle so he is every right to not appear in front of him thats it……………………..

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