Arsalan Iftikhar case: Malik submits appeal regarding Suddle Commission


Property tycoon Malik Riaz submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court to review the formation of the ‘Shoaib Suddle Commission’ here on Tuesday.
Riaz’s attorney Zahid Bukhari said that the commission formed to investigate the Arsalan Iftikhar case was illegal.
According to a private TV channel, the petition challenged the legitimacy of the ‘Shoaib Suddle Commission’ which was formed by the apex court.
Speaking to media representatives outside the Supreme Court building before submitting the request, Bukhari said that the Aug 30 decision by the apex court has changed Pakistan’s judicial history.
He added that an investigative commission cannot be formed on the basis ‘personal choices.
After such a decision, everyone should submit requests to choose their own investigative commissions comprising of individuals and institutions, he added.
Moreover, he said that his client Riaz wished to dignify the apex court.
Bukhari, on the basis of a news report, claimed that Dr. Shoaib Suddle had attended the wedding of Dr. Arsalan Iftikhar.
Apparently, it seems that Suddle would be unable to undertake the investigation in a transparent manner, he added.
Furthermore, Bukhari also said that Suddle has a pending murder case registered against him, adding that if there was any justice here, it would have been obvious.


  1. so whynot choose your own investigator! if you are not guilty, then go all out and face the music. Suddle is by far honest officer all his life, not trusting him and the courts is just a joke!
    may be Malik Riaz cant buy out him hence the review!

    • Same thing applies to Arsalan. . If he was not guilty then why he was fearing investigation by NAB. If the NAB did anything wrong then the same could be pointed out and rectified in the High Court and then the Supreme Court. Now his friend Suddle the only honest officer in Pakistan (rest are dead) has been chosen as a "one man commission". Now every one has a right to get the investigation agency changed if one thinks that it will not favour him. In fact the delaying tactics and undue objections by fast track son have heaped further suspicions on his character.

  2. In our land of the pure, people have always desired to have an independent and impartial judiciary but this hope has unfortunately been shattered. Actually I think lawyers and civil society should start another movement for an independent, impartial, honest judiciary. The success of any institution, whether governmental or private, depends on the persons working in it. It was a foolish expectation that by restoring the present judges, the people of Pakistan will have an era of quick justice and unbiased judges. Sadly, the bribery allegations on the son of the Chief Justice by the real estate tycoon, the acceptance of Arsalan’s appeal by the judges against NAB and constituting a one-man commission headed by Shoaib Suddle has raised many questions: why is the son of the Chief Justice being treated differently when the sons of politicians were arrested and investigated by FIA and NAB officers? Why do the judges have no trust in the government institutions in this case?

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