Roots hosts open house session for parents, students


An open house orientation and parental counseling session was held at the Roots Millennium School, state of the art Wahid Campus with much enthusiasm, fun and frolic. A large number of parents and prospective parents visited the magical campus along with their children. They were warmly welcomed by the principal, headmistress, management and staff of the school. Children were entertained through different activities including the jumping castle and by different cartoon characters dressed up in their respective costumes to enlighten the weekend for the children.
The open house orientation offered identical morning and afternoon sessions, and also included information session with the member of the counseling and mentoring team. Parents got the opportunity to learn more about the facilities, qualifications, programs and curriculum that was being offered at the school.
The Roots Millennium School, Wahid is the largest purpose built school of the federal capital, beautifully set on 3.5 acres of themed dreamland with state of the art teaching and learning facilities. School resources are also provided to millennium children.
The Campus was offering qualifications and language programs which would start from the early years and stretch across Montessori to primary level.
Students at the campus would benefit from the study skills exploration room, music and movement room, art stations and work stations for activity based learning, nap room, changing rooms with individual cubbies for storing children’s belongings, play area, in house play ball activity gym, storytelling room, swimming pool, virtual ICT lab and reading rooms, purpose built auditorium, puppetry room, parents counseling facilities, basketball court, football and cricket grounds and an Olympic styled tennis court facility (under construction) all under one roof.