Commuters irked by irregular transport fares


Commuters travelling from Wah Cantt to Pirwadhai and Saddar have asked the authorities concerned to check the increase in fares by the transporters for the third time during the current year without official notification. While talking to news agencies, a commuter Asad Khattak said that due to the increase in the petroleum products prices, the transporters had started fleecing the commuters. He said that a large number of people travelled daily from Wah Cantt to Rawalpindi and Islamabad through public transport and the unannounced increase in the fares were an additional burden on their pockets. The fare from Wah Cantt to Pirwadhai was Rs 40 till the end of last year, which was later raised to Rs 45 in January, and Rs 50 in April and presently stands at Rs 55 which added to the worries of the low income group people. Zahid Hanif, a cellular company employee, said that the transporters did not follow any mechanism and raised the fares according to their will. He said, “If the government increases price of petrol by Rs 5 per liter, the transporters start charging Rs 5 extra from each passenger”. There is no one to check them as officially no fare list had been issued so far, he added.