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Won’t allow Pakistani cricketers to play in Mumbai: Bal Thackeray

Days after his nephew Raj briefly opposed a TV show featuring Pakistani artistes, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Saturday said he would not allow Pakistani cricketers to play in Mumbai.
“I won’t allow them to play here. I have not reneged on my words and won’t do so,” Thackeray said in the second part of a marathon interview published in the party mouthpiece Saamana. The Sena patriarch also claimed that if he was given charge of the military, he would perform a miracle and set things right in the country within a month.
The Azad Maidan violence on August 11, protest opposing the alleged attacks on Muslims in Myanmar and the riots in Assam, was “pre-planned,” Thackeray said.
Thackeray also warned that he would not “spare” Muslim fundamentalists who fomented trouble in the country.
“I will not allow a single fanatic Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslim to live in Maharashtra and right up to Jammu and Kashmir where we have branches,” the 86-year-old leader said.
Asked about the political situation in Delhi, Thackeray said, “I have been saying for a long time that anarchy is imminent. We are on the brink of anarchy. I feel (general) elections will happen before 2014. This is my prediction.”

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    you should take this seriously… The Indian traders own Dubai and the camel herders who claim title to it, lock stock and barrel

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    i donno who dis guy is but one thing is for sure pakistan is a terrorist state and all its citizens are terrorists and beggars who get money from isi and saudi arab…he does have a point in saying that

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