Haqqanis threat to US national security: Pentagon


The Haqqani network represents a significant threat to the US national security, the Pentagon said, as it welcomed the decision of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to designate the outfit as a global terrorist organization.
“We welcome Secretary Clinton’s announcement that the Haqqani Network meets the statutory criteria for designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said.
Noting that the Haqqani Network represents a “significant threat to US national security”, Little said the US will continue its aggressive military action against this threat.
“These new group designations will build on our efforts to degrade the Network’s capacity to carry out attacks, including affecting fundraising abilities, targeting them with our military and intelligence resources, and pressing Pakistan to take action,” he said.
“We will continue these efforts, reinforced by today’s new Designations.
“By strengthening our whole-of-government approach against the Haqqanis, we are supporting our campaign efforts in Afghanistan and further limiting the organization’s capacity to destabilize the region,” Little said.
The Pentagon statement came after Clinton formally designated the militant network as terrorist organization in a report to the Congress yesterday.