Energy crises: Industrial sector suffering immensely


More than 70% industrial units have been closed due to energy crisis and if the situation was not controlled, there would be serious problems due to massive electricity short fall and gas suspension.
According to media reports, the industrial production has gone downwards since last two years due to energy crises in the country.
Economy experts believe that at a time when the country is plunged into difficulties, with the energy shortages worsening; unemployment in the failing industrial sector is a major concern.


  1. Price for democracy……govt officials will shift to global economic woes….they aré not aware that countries like BD,Ethopia, Uganda etc ; aré ahead of us in economic terms…..we should die of shame…we do not deserve to live….

    • Ha, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha….i knew it…truth is always bitter….we as a nation has fáciles to face truth….the very reason for the current mess….

  2. Pakistan has the natural resources and capacity to produce enough electricity for self use and to sell to the neighbors. The problem? The Millitary wants to build more nuclear bombs that does not do any good to Pakistan. More electricity means more prosperity that brings a peaceful, purposeful life. Unfortunately the Millitary, mullah and fuedals want to suck blood out of poor people for their easy life, free plots and housing, fat salaries and pension.

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