Citizens question the purpose of PHA


The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has failed to utilize its funds properly as roads, triangles and parks give an appalling look due to the lack of proper care.
PHA was allocated Rs 50 million loan for the beautification of the roads, parks and triangles, but except for some work on two to three major roads, the rest of the fund was allegedly spent on needless things.
The models worth millions of rupees fixed in the underpass at the Committee Chowk were in dilapidated condition owing to the negligence of the authorities concerned.
Moreover, all the parks in the city seemed attention starved despite the fact that the PHA owns around 200 gardeners.
The beautification of the park s was absolutely neglected as grass had grown up to a feet in almost all the parks.
Citizens told agencies that funds were allocated to the PHA for the beautification of the city but the poor maintenance of the parks and roads indicate misuse of the funds.
When contacted, the PHA Director Admin Dr Afzal said that with the formation of the PHA, the condition of roads and parks had improved, adding that funds were properly utilized to add to the beauty of the city.