Water reserve reaches to 9.967m cusec in Tarbela, Mangla


The reserved useable water has reached to 9.967 million cusec in Tarbela and Mangla Dam on Saturday.
According to Flood Forecasting Division the water level in Mangla dam has been recorded 1186.40 feet, while the inflow of water 35,69 cusec and outflow is 12000 cusec.
While the water level in Tarbela dam was recorded 1546.40 feet. Where the inflow was recorded at 69,100 cusec and outflow was recorded at 39,800 cusec.
The Flood Forecasting Department Division said that after the ongoing rain the useable water reserve has become 9.967 acre-feet in the both dams.


  1. Process to execute the dams in India is on highly remarkable fast track while Pakistani deals it otherwise. If Pakistan enhance its storage capacity in hefty amount; chances for flooding will be minimum but unfortunately all measures, plannings to construct dams are remained merely in documents.

  2. I am from Sindh and belong to an area where the scarcity of water hurts the livelyhood severely. Indeed we need water storages but, it can not be developed when there is no trust developed by the people of Punjab among the people of Sindh. The past times have proved it many times. The only mechanism of developing a kind of trust among the people of Sindh and Balochistan, is not with the empty words but action. Let us say that if Islamabad consideres the concern of people of Sindh and Balochistan seriously, then let the DAMs be built with the highest level of priority adhered in the use of the stored waters to the provices of Sindh and Balochistan. With the guarentee that federal units will be independent once that rule violates. Indeed it will never be broken.

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