No plots for you


Will the President, PM, PAC or Chief Justice take note of how tax paying members of public are being harassed by the CDA and DHA Islamabad. It is time citizens of Pakistan must accept the ground reality that allotment of plots in Islamabad is for exclusive benefit of its civil and khaki bureaucracy, pressure groups such as jurists, parliamentarians etc and not for common tax-paying citizens of Pakistan. 23 years ago in 1989, during the first tenure of Benazir Bhutto, CDA advertised for allotment of plots to general public through balloting in Sectors D 12 and E 12. Computer balloting was held on 31-8-1989 and successful citizens were sent allotment letters in October 1990. Plots in Mehran Sector E12 mostly measured 356 to 111 Sq yards and applicants were middle class civilians. The last installment was to be paid at the time of being given possession, which has not materialized even after 23 years.
It seems CDA is following its undeclared policy to ensure that dream of ordinary citizens to own a plot in Islamabad never materializes. Scores of schemes evolved years after 1989 have been developed and possession handed over to members of this paid elitist establishment.
In 2008, I again applied for allotment of plots in DHA Valley Islamabad in 2008 and was very hopeful that DHA unlike CDA would not betray the trust of the public. Having paid the 11th installment in May 2011, I was told that the last payment would be deferred till further notice from office. In the intervening period, fabulous newsletters were sent informing us of development work. According to press reports, DHA was in partnership with Bahria who are handling this project. This fact was never revealed to the general public that invested in a project of Defence Housing Authority and not of Bahria. Who is responsible for this betrayal of trust? Perhaps the government must make it clear to general public that they have no right to allotments.


  1. This is a rip off by CDA and now DHA Isalamabad seems to have joined this plunder of innocent citizens, who think the state is there to look after their welfare. Little do they know that the welfare state that Quaid visualised was dashed by the bureaucracy both civil and military, from the day evacuee property loot started, than welfare of this corrupt bureucracy by Ayub Khan etc etc. Now it is blatant, with no shame, nor any fear. Thousands of expatriates who invested in DHA Valley are afraid now of even investing in schemes launched by the state itself.

  2. Congrats, you have just contributed to welfare of khaki and corrupt civil bureaucracy and groups of lawyers, judges, parliamentarians and journalists who are sole beneficiary of polts in Isloo. You may also have contributed to yet another free umra or hajj sponsored by the real estate tycoon whose company is registered with a name that starts with B.

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