Commissioner inaugurates BHU


Commissioner Hyderabad Ahmed Bux Narejo said Friday that all Basic Health Units (BHU), Rural Health Centres (RHC) and Mother and Child Health Centres (MCHC) in Sindh were being re-strengthened and well equipped with all facilities including x-ray, labor rooms, diagnosing labs and ambulances to provide better health facilities to the people of rural areas under the directives of President Asif Ali Zardari. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of BHU at Jiendo Halepoto and Village Mir Allah Bux Talpur, he said that not only these health centers were well equipped but the same would be now run by Peoples Primary Health Care Initiative (PPHCI) with new zeal and spirit. He said that the Sindh government had planned to depute efficient and experienced doctors, para-medics at these health centers in rural areas. He said that the government also intended to run these centers with the community participation and supervision as land for most of the health centers had been provided by local landlords.