Pakistan accepts infected Australian sheep


Australian sheep infected with scabby mouth disease have made their way into Pakistan, Geo News reported on Thursday. Approximately 75,000 sheep departed from Australia on board the Fremantle-based Wellard Rural Exports ship Ocean Drover. Their destination was countries in the Middle East. 53,000 sheep were offloaded in Qatar and Oman, while the remaining 22,000 were to be transported to Bahrain. However when the Ocean Drover arrived in Bahrain on August 29 it was asked to leave its berth until matters were resolved.
It was here that concerns were raised in regards to the sheep being infected with scabby mouth disease. The ship remained in the waters of Bahrain for 14 days and the sheep were not allowed to be unloaded. According to standard rules, the ship should have returned to Australia, however its next destination was a city which was not even part of its original route. The Ocean Drover docked in Port Qasim, Karachi on Tuesday night. The 22,000 sheep were offloaded and handed over to an unknown buyer.


  1. I am shocked to hear Australian's have sent infected sheep to the Middle East and then to Pakistan , after The Middle East rejected these infected sheep , Australian's are at guilt for this brutal killing of sheep in a nasty way ,Australians are to be blamed ,because they knew all along that these sheep were infected why they did not treat them instead of forwarding them to poorer countries like Pakistan ,I thought Australia was like England a sensible helping country ,but turned out to be barbaric.

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