Opp criticizes govt, law enforcement agencies for failure to curb sectarianism


The opposition on Wednesday came hard on the government and law enforcement agencies for their failure to curb sectarianism and for the worsening law and order across the country.
The non-serious approach of the majority of the members of parliament was visible during the 45th session of the National Assembly, opened under National Assembly Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi, when various serious issues such as rising sectarianism, growing intolerance and worst power situation were being debated.
Opening discussion on the motion moved by Minister for Interior Rehman Malik, PML-N MNA Saad Rafique raised a question that nation should be informed on who was responsible for the national security of the country.
He said it was a great failure of the government that a peaceful region Gilgit-Baltistan was on fire and no one was ready to defuse the situation.
“It is shameful that people belonging to a specific sect are being targeted, abducted and killed throughout the country, and the government and law enforcement agencies have failed to restrict such incidents,” the PML-N MNA said.
Criticizing the role of the interior minister, Rafique was of the view that the situation in Gilgit-Baltistan could not be normalized just by paying a visit to the region or issuing statements, “it demands the ground efforts”, he said.
“Balochistan has become no man’s land for the general public, where targeted killing and abduction are at their peak,” Rafique said.
He said the government was not ready to adopt serious measures to improve the law and order in the province, despite cries by the Baloch members of parliament.
Rafique held the government responsible for the killing of 7,000 innocent people of Karachi, saying “they all became prey to the compromises made by the government to prolong its tenure”.
PPP MNA Nadeem Afzal Gondal seconded Rafique. However, he defended the various measures adopted by the government to restrict the growing intolerance and sectarianism.
Gondal said unemployment, lack of educational facilities and lack of justice were the major causes behind rising sectarianism and intolerance.
He demanded political and religious parties summon an all parties conference over the issue
Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl head Fazlur Rehman stated that although parliament was taking decisions in this connection, no implementation over the decisions was taking place.
Fazl said the religious leadership had always worked to bringing down intolerance and sectarianism throughout the country.
He said neither the armed forces nor the people were safe in the country anymore.
Demanding the institutions concerned to uncover those groups and individuals involved in promoting sectarianism and intolerance in the society, the JUI-F chief said it was not an issue concerning a single party but it concerned the entire nation.