Foreigners playing havoc; agencies sleeping in Balochistan: CJP


Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has said that the nation is ready to give every kind of sacrifice to save the country.
He said this during the hearing of the case regarding law and order situation in Balochistan here at Supreme Court, Quetta Registry on Thursday.
The three member bench headed by CJP has expressed its anger over the absence of Secretary Interior, however the Secretary Defence Lt. Gen (R) Asif Yaseen Malik and IG Frontier Corps Major General Obaid Ullah were present in the court.
The Chief Justice asked the IG FC to submit written reply in the court that he has been failed. On which Gen Obaid said that he never wasted even a single moment and day in day out he performed his duties.
Justice Arif Khilji said that almost 46 Shia persons were killed during six months in Baluchistan. It is the record of only one province.
Chief Justice also asked Secretary Defence tho tell the court in just two words whether you failed or you succeeded.
During the hearing, women belonging to Hazara tribe presented the facts and figures about the target killings of Hazara people from 1999 to 2012. They said that their elders are still getting threatening calls .
The bench showed its resentment over killing of some 708 persons of Hazara tribe from 1999 to date which is alarming situation.
Chief Justice asked the officials that what steps they took for the security of Hazara people. The government should inform us on who did what.
He said that the lawyer of FC is saying that foreign hands are involved in the deteriorating situation in Baluchistan province, but I ask one thing that are the security agencies sleeping? Why police, FC, levies and district administration are sitting idol? Incompetent officers must be removed. The officers are taking full perks and privileges just for sitting in air conditioned well decorated offices.
The CJP said that the court is hearing the matter since four days but the result is zero. He asked IG FC that had his organization apprehended any foreign agent.
Justice Khilji Arif Hussain said that the Baluchistan is the soul of Pakistan and saving it is extremely imperative.


    • 100% problem will be solved if pakistanis are kicked out of pakistan ! when people dont understand the system, they blame persons. the system inplace is at fault here. so everybody needs to be replaced.

  1. Why not kick out those judges who give bail to these terrorists???? It is on record that ISI chief openly said in front of the parliamentary committee that we catch them but the judiciary releases them. Secondly, leadership in Punjab is openly supporting these hate mongering people and groups.

  2. We are all responsible for this. Both, the people and the system, are at fault. It is the duty of every muslim to promote moral values and denounce what is wrong. Killing of one innocent person is the death of entire humanity (muslims, non-muslims, non-believers, etc.). Change at any level, of an individual or the entire government, by vote or by military coup will not solve the problem. The terrible mess is a result of our misdeeds, individual, national and of the ummah as a whole. We are not at peace with our Creator and the Almighty has declared war against us. Instead of taking heed we are still defiantly disobedient to our Creator. Taking / giving bribe, interest, immodesty, giving preference to personal benefit over national interest are just a tip of the iceberg. No Prophet will come till the return of Essa(alaihsalam). Each of us has to now wakeup and strive hard instead of blaming others. "shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab-e-gham se to kahin behter tha, apne hiseh ki koi shama jalaate jatey" (Ahmad Faraz?).

  3. Dear CJ; agencies are sleeping in the whole country. Otherwise criminals can not rule pakistan without their cooperation

  4. We are all sleeping and also playing havoc. Kicking out an individual or the entire system is not the solution. Neither vote nor military coup will bring about an overnight change. We are not at peace with our Creator by being defiantly disobedient to Him. The Almighty is displeased with us, both individually and as a nation. The killing of one innocent person is the death of the entire humanity. Instead of blaming others, each of us should contribute, as far as possible, to help improve the situation. Faith, unity, discipline, tolerance, respect of others' life, property, views, ideology etc. ought to be promoted. National, global interest should prevail over personal benefits and blood / ethnic bonds. In urdu, it is said "himmat-e-mardan, madad-e-khuda" (manly effort attracts the Almighty' help). So let's gearup for action and do what we can and stop complaining about others. Probably Ahmad Faraz had said "shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab-e-gham sey to kahin behtar tha, apney hisseh ki koi shama jalaatey jaatey" (better than complaining about the darkness of the night of distress, we should have lit a lamp on our part). Regards.

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