Degrees of eight parliamentarians found fake


Higher Education Commission (HEC) has received a report from universities according to which degrees of eight parliamentarians have been found fake. Among them is PKP Minister for Sports Syed Aqil Shah.
According to a private TV channel, Punjab University has disclosed that degrees of eight parliamentarians are fake and were not issued by it. According to the channel, fake degree parliamentarians include Punjab Assembly members Samuel Kamran, Afghaan Farooq, PML-N parliamentarian Farah Deeba, Shumaila Rana, Naseer Akhtar, Mohabbat Khan Marri.
The HEC has declared degrees of another six members as doubtful. Sources in the HEC said that 353 degrees were verified out of 376.


  1. Now they are discovering its fake? This should have been done by election commission at the time of verification of papers.

  2. this issue is diluted by delayed process to save face of these fake degree holders, why it took 4 years just to verify. So now if you count total fake graduates how many they are? count the doubtful in please. They need original degree for a clerk job but for top job or to run a country liars and fake grads are perfectly fit!!!

  3. Aur yeh mulk chlanay k liyay humain aaeen aur qanoon dayn gay aur ratoun raat trameem bhi krain gay jaisay yeh ratoun raat ameer bii bantay hain aur graduate bhi!!

  4. Its about time that they have discovered that the degree was fake. That is why education is a must, some have it some don't. Dont be a faker and get a real education!

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