Basra offers arrest at IG office


Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz Ahmad has alleged that the Sharif brothers are using illegal tactics to suppress their opponents. A Member of Provincial Assemble (MPA) and leader of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Shaukat Basra, accompanied by Raja Riaz, arrived at the IG office on Wednesday, to present themselves for arrest. Basra is currently embroiled in a property dispute case over illegal possession of a property. He alleged that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was continuing its politics of retribution, alleging that the property dispute was in fact the fourth case against leaders of PPP. Basra claimed that he was being punished for raising his voice in favor of new provinces. He added that the house, over which the case had been registered against him, had been his family home since 1978. He said that the opposition would protest in the assembly, against the filing of this fake case against him. He added that PPP leaders would not flee to Jeddah like the rulers of Punjab.