A dream debut for Sidharth Malhotra


New kid on the block Sidharth Malhotra, Sid to friends, is 27 (looks around 24), handsome, and has an intense quality that sets him apart from others his age. Compliment him for his looks and he jokes, “Yeah, the camera doesn’t do me justice, haan?”
The Delhi model, who’s making his debut in Karan Johar’s Student of the Year (SOTY), admits that the journey from the capital to Karan’s office has been a whirlwind one. “One day, I was assisting Karan on My Name is Khan, and now I’m the leading man of SOTY. I have to pinch myself to believe this is for real,’’ he smiles. The boy, who did a stint in modelling in Delhi, says his Bollywood trek has just begun. But he can already feel people’s changing attitude and quizzical looks. “Relatives who haven’t bothered about me for years have now started discovering me,’’ he laughs. “I’m enjoying every bit of the attention, though.’’
Any nervousness while he waits for the release of his first film?
“Yes and no,’’ he replies. “Sometimes, I’m a bit nervous. But at most times, I’m confident. I have landed a dream debut. Karan, according to me, has the safest pair of hands in the film business.” Sid actually wants to emulate SRK, who is also a Delhi boy, who rules the roost today. But he knows his own personal journey has only just begun.
What is he like in real life? The intense sort? Or a happy-go-lucky-guy?
“Well, I must admit that I’m a little quiet. I need to understand what I’m doing before I actually venture into it. Karan always teased me saying, ‘Sid, you ask too many questions.’ But I certainly am not the brooding type. I take a little time to open up. Karan has tweaked my film character around the way I am in real life.” He has no friends in Mumbai, but finds the city to be more professional and fast. He loves Delhi, though, and admits it can be a bit trying because people in Delhi do judge you for the clothes you wear and the car you drive. “Dad was in the Merchant Navy, so I have travelled extensively. But my heart beats for Delhi because that’s where I grew up,” says Sid, adding, “Right now, my world in Mumbai revolves around Dharma Productions, but hopefully I will meet more people as I go along.”


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