PMNH provides research facilities to scientists


Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) is providing research facilities and incentives to scientists from within and outside the country to work at the Museum.
This research is on biological and geological resources in light of economic importance and conservation through industrial linkages and to identify end users for marketable applied research.
It helps to establish liaison with similar institutions both within and outside Pakistan. PMNH is also offering training courses in animal and plant collection and preservation to enable the youth to understand natural history in letter and spirit.
Director General PMNH Dr S Azhar Hasan told APP that special courses in animal taxidermy and model preparation are also offered, while the services to identify plants, animals, minerals, rocks, fossils and precious stones are also provided by PMNH.
“We are collecting, identifying and preserving natural history specimens to develop a reference collection of plants, animals, rocks, minerals and fossils found in Pakistan in order to serve as repository of all `type specimens.” To educate the masses about the natural wealth of Pakistan, he said, PMNH documents and displays specimens in the form of attractive exhibits, films and documentaries.
He mentioned that PMNH also advises the government on all matters related to environment, wildlife conservation and development.
Besides this, PMNH also publishes natural history books, field guides, monographs, research articles, popular literature, technical reports, bulletins, brochures and pamphlets for the promotion of scientific research and public awareness.