PAC seeks report on criteria of sending people aboard


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Tuesday sought detailed reports from Ministry of Labour and Manpower on the criteria of sending people aboard for employment.
The Public Account Committee met here under the chair of Nadeem Afzal Chan, the committee chairman. The PAC was informed by the secretary Ministry of Labour and Manpower that around 0.6 million people have been sent abroad during last 11 months for the employment terming it a record number. The PAC has also sought details containing list of the areas from where the people have been selected and countries where they have been sent.
The PAC was apprised that portfolio investment of Employment Old-Age Benefits Institutions (EOBI) is Rs. 221 billion. Around 25 percent each is being invested in stock exchange and real state sectors while 50 percent investment is fixed.
The PAC was also informed that around 4.5 million people have been registered with EOBI and that presently around 0.450 million people were drawing pension from EOBI.
Chairman Prime Minister Inspection Commission (PMIC) requested the PAC to issue orders to conduct audit of PMIC and received appreciation from PAC chairman. The representative of the audit informed PAC that audit would be done during current year of the PMIC.
The PAC directed that the Ministry of Human Resources Development to construct technical training collages in the provinces. The PAC gave the ministry 15 days to settle non-recovery on account of various head from various departments.
The PAC also discussed Audit report of Statistics Division, Public Sector Enterprises for the years 1996 to 2005-06 and Ministry of Labour and Manpower.