Advanced sailing boat breaks speed record in San Francisco


Advanced multihull sailboat DCNS Hydroptere set the fastest certified one nautical mile speed record on Friday afternoon in San Francisco Bay. The Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay and the San Francisco Bay Area Multihull Association were in attendance to certify that the Hydroptere set a record by sailing for one nautical mile (one mile 265 yds) at a speed of 37.5 knots (43.2 mph) using a precise GPS (Global Positioning System) timing system. The DCNS Hydroptere, which rises up out of the water on hydrofoils as it gains speed, is crewed by an entirely French team captained by Alain Thebault. The one nautical mile record was attempted in preparation for an upcoming chance at setting a new sailing speed record between Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii.