TEVTA eradicates dengue from its jurisdictions


Government of the Punjab has initiated a Dengue Volunteer Scheme comprising of students and empathetic citizens to eradicate the virus said Punjab Community Dangue Mobilizer Campaign’s chief Shaista Pervez Malik while addressing a seminar at Govt. College of Technology Railway Road, Lahore. TEVTA Chairperson Arif Saeed, in his address, said that “Dengue is a challenge for us and we all will eliminate it from our area.” TEVTA has taken all appropriate steps to eradicate the virus at 365 TEVTA Institutes across the Province of the Punjab. Surveys were conducted to identify appropriate action Plans to be adopted to educate the students and staff of all TEVTA Institutes for eradication of the virus. He added that TEVTA management monitored activities of all field formations assigned the tasks of ensuring hygiene in line with the instructions of the government of Punjab. He added that waste materials had been removed from sites where construction was in progress and there are no mosquito breeding sites in TEVTA jurisdictions across the province of the Punjab. Water tanks, drums and buckets have been cleaned. The garbage and debris along with broken flower pots have been removed. Cleanliness of washrooms, toilets and sewerage system has been ensured. It has been ensured that no unpacked tyres are lying within the premises of TEVTA institutes.