‘PPP can’t hoodwink people with slogans’


Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said that leaders of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have lost their senses and fear imminent defeat in forthcoming general elections.
He said that by indulging in immoral and personal attacks, Raja Riaz and Shaukat Basra have reflected PPP’s true culture.
Commenting upon the statement of Raja Riaz and Shaukat Basra, the minister said that captivating slogans were old techniques, through which PPP used to hoodwink people and it has now been left with no other misleading slogan.
Sanaullah said that due to illogical policies of federal government, people had to undergo the agony of prolonged load shedding, burgeoning unemployment and rising inflation.
He said the federal government was displaying its anti-people attitude, by raising prices of petroleum products on weekly basis. He exclaimed that comprehensive defeat in the forthcoming elections has become destiny of PPP because people were fully determined to make its leaders face their logical end.


  1. Actually the statements goes like this, PPP N league ,MQM,Qatil League,Asfandyar Party etc,cant hoodwink people with slogans.It will be only guns.

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