Katrina Kaif turns down Dh1.65m Pakistan offer


Bollywood stars have often received handsome offers to attend functions, dance at wedding receptions and make appearances at various shows.
Actors such as Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia, Malika Sherawat and Malaika Arora Khan are known to shake a leg at events for amounts as high as Dh3 million.
Recently, Katrina Kaif turned down a hefty Dh1.65m offered for a one-night show in Pakistan.
Considering Katrina’s popularity this isn’t the first time the actress received such an offer from India’s neighbor.
In fact, Katrina keeps getting regular offers from Pakistan to make an appearance or do a show.
However, reports suggests she has said no to all such requests which might require her to cross the border.
The last offer came from a wealthy media house owner in Karachi who wanted Kaif to be his guest for a show and offered her Dh1.65m as well as an endorsement deal with a brand.
Katrina’s international appeal and box-office success has seen her popularity grow.
Most of the requests till date have come from Pakistan, but because of the tension between the countries and the sensitive nature of her trip, Katrina has always declined them.
A few years back, Kareena Kapoor was seen endorsing a local Pakistani textile brand with her billboards splashed all across major cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.


  1. Bollywood actors falsely try to impress people by quoting hefty amounts as remuneration.
    Besides, who cares.

    • That may not be right, because they are not getting paid peanuts in Bollywood. Salman Khan being offered 100 crore Indian rupees for a film is probably news to you.

  2. Who cares, fully agree. When you have so much stuff available; who cares for Katrina to dance in a function

  3. But you all know …..ghar ki mughi daal brabr…….Indians pe hmari qom wese hi mrti hey apne ache stars ko nahi puchte……Atif nd Rahat ki popularity ki waja bhi Indian music hey……warna Rahat nd Atif pehle bhi idr hi they koi puchta bhi nahi tha…….strange but true

  4. if she comes to pakistan, this will in favour of pakistanis to build good and soft image of the country in the world…..

  5. Pata Nahi Pakistaniyon Ki Sharam gherat Kahan marr gayee,Paisay K Nashay may itna Pagal ker diya k Bar Bar ki Insult k baad bhi inn ko Samjh nahi aatee,Phir Indians Actors ko request kertay hain k yahan aajaoo,Aur Hum say Dhare sara paisa bhi lay loo,Lakin Afsoos her Bar indians Insult ker detay hain,Shame On Such pakistani ppls jo Pakistan ki izzat assay Neelam kertay hain.Kabb Samjhain gay yeah Pakistani Indians Hum say NAFRAT kertay hain aur hum unn per Maray ja rahay hain busss KAROO PLZZZZ STOP THIS DRAMA.Pakisatniyo Apni khud ki izzat banaooooooo

  6. I am a Pakistan and i want Katrina to come to Pakistan. LUV U KATRINA! NO matter what happens! U GUYS R JEALOUS OF KATRINA!

  7. Ofcourse,there is a lot of pressure on Indian artists when it comes to Pakistan.It is part of their foreign policy.

    when it comes to art and culture the only other option we have is India.there is so much stuff happening around the world and we are stuck with India.Look at the Iranian,chinese ,everybody is praising their work around the world.Books are difficult to get publish,movies are not shown. Our politicians and activists praising corrupt,powerless Indian democracy everyday.All we wanted to be was a carbon copy of India.

      • Your stupid and bloody basters Indians are lacking of brain.see your Goa people does not like to watch Indians movies which created gundaism,terroristism and many many bad devils.

    • wow so you can read/understand Chinese and Farsi 🙂 good for you but most of the pakistani can not and so bollywood movies are the only ones left for them which they can relate to after Pakistani movies and i wonder they watch Pakistani movies due to lack of quality.

      • Yes, People have to watch bad movies(bad actors & actresses) because they can only understand stupid films made by dumb filmmakers.That's what we love to do,sell crap to our people.

        We don't have alternatives.Most of the people don't understand English in Asia but we should introduce them to this language.

        • I second that. Educating your people will solve ALL of your problems. Real impartial education. Entertainment is a very minor benefit of education. Pakistan is lagging behind India in that respect badly. Your rulers, and may be a lot of your people have different priorities, that is why it is not happening.

          • You people are now well educated ,then by you woship those idiols which are handmade by you.is it the brightness of your so-called education.broaden your mind.woship only One Allah

          • I thought of worshiping Allah but, could not find him anywhere 🙂

            Why they heck do you care what other people's beliefs are? Why does it bother you so much if others don't believe in your god?

    • Iran & China are not favorites for performing countries even their own.These are dictatorships.India has many faults but still a functioning democracy with reasonable growth.Could be better with less corruption.This is our common failing..It will be something if pakistan comes to India,s level in tolerance.In India muslims rule bollywood everybody loves them.

    • Pakistan is a failed state, which is why Successful Indian Actors, and artists have no interest in performing in pakistan, growing violence in pakistan is also responsible for their reluctance behind this.

      • There you are. This is the real truth and realise this before it is too late. Without pointing fingers at others and being jealous build your nation with proper fundamentals (No hatred against Minorities, girls education, other sects with in your own religion) Work hard for positive development. You can gain your respect and will have many things to offer other nations.

  8. Whats the use of it.?our country got so many other issues . dont they ever open their eyes to reality other than wasting times on these sex-ridden puppets and useless topics?

  9. hahaha…well done katrina…no need to go to a nation where there's no value for life…..terrorsists breeding in every street…despite being offered money u din go…i am glad and proud of u

    • indians r the sevages animals cruel e.g kashmir ………….they have no right 2 say pakistan terrorist.i am ashamed a8 u

  10. now that person should buy Deccan Chargers with that same money.. i am sure there will have much better chances of meeting up with Katrina. ye owner bhi mujhe tharki hi lgta hai wesay :p

  11. nah v really dont have a nachnay wali were proud of…but u guys have plenty so we import them wenever we feellike it!
    and only an indian can be proud of a nachnay wali…not surprised! abhi inki asliat khul k samnay aye gi logo! lolllllllllllllllllll

    • bhaya
      kya baat karte ho ..u cannot differentiate between a 'nacchane waali and an actress' please ….come out of it .u have ample amount of talents thats hugely appreciated here with those pairs doing wonderful comedy in ' laughter challenge' …people look out for people who have come from pakistan foegetting every thing. please u people have to understand humanity is above all these hatred.

  12. I think Katrina is professional and she does not think like such words ever, i think she is confused to come Pakistan. I am sure if she comes in Pakistan then definitely she will be so excited even it never happened in India. Anyway best of luch to Katrina.

    • What excitement in Pakistan not available in India you are talking about? May be you are talking about the daily adrenaline rush in ducking of cover from people trying to kill you. Is it so?

  13. Pakistan has to do a lot to improve its image.At present it is so bad that even a hungary man offered millions will not go there.Even cricket teams can not play there .Why?A very long time back there was international scandal when a cricket captain from england said he wont send his mother in law to pakistan.Now it is much worse.

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  15. Pakistan have nothing their own always beg from others i am happy Katrina refused their offer believe it or not i hate when singers comes to INDIA learn & improve their talent than start talking bad about us but its our fault we should not allow them to participate.

  16. India to date has produced the world's finest Kanjaris and Kanjars. India can proudly claim to be the world's Kanjar Capital. Indian Kanjaris are in great demand for a one night stand and lap dances accross the border.

  17. u indians need to sort ur heads out u r only tring to copy hollywood and r a millions miles apart as a british pakistani i have seen the indian films and they r to false and pathetic with european girls wearing next to nothing and the actors with there big muscles taking the steroids and dancing like bunch of idiots . The women just have no class at all and ur singers r no way as talented as the pakistanis . As for katrina she is a good actress and good luck to her but the indian film industry has definately gone down hill after dilip kumar there was dhamendra who is one of my best actors with his acting dialogues and charisma they new how to act but now its just woman wearing next to nothing . india has lost its integrity and has become the essex of the world result of social credentials presenting themselves like this . So dont criticise us please and have a good luck at urself and you will find the answers or look in the mirror thankyou.

  18. we reject veena malik and india took her……………………everyone know the cost of cheap india……………….hahahahahaha

  19. Ms. Katrina Kaif knows where her interest lies. She may well be focusing on following her agenda in India and until the very important targets have been met, bad neighbor or good neighbor, Pakistanis are to be ignored. And besides this gives her a lot of good/bad publicity in the subcontinent which is probably of great and continuous value to her in India. Most of us adore Ms. Kaif and realize that her own setting is the one best for her — home is where she seems happy and pretty and so home is where you should always remain…

  20. my advice to the pakistani millionaire is that instead of giving Dh 1,65 million to Indian star Katrina Kaif, he should build, with this money, an orphanage / center of excellence for special children. This will give him peace of mind in this world and would lead him to the eternal peace in the world of eternity. Ameen.

  21. koi un loago sa kha ka sirf ak raat katrina ko nacha kar kya mila ga . agar itna falto pasa ha toa yahaan loag khud ko mar rha hain bhok or ghurbat kia waja sa, khana ko roti nhi, pahnana ko kapra nhi, rhna ko chat nhi, agar yhi pasa unko dya jaye toa, hazaro duain na sirf ya balka woa jahaan bhi yakeenan aasaan bulka behtareen ho jaye ga.

  22. Katrina did the right thing by refusing to go to Pak, where women are treated like commodities. Moreover, she can be kidnapped by some politicians and kept in his harem.

  23. Pakistan should feed their people first and go for this kind of thing- Killings has
    to stop – muder has to stop- law and order should prevail – create a good
    atmosphere, work on increasing education level, participate in elections fully
    and vote for change- The existing condition is not good the the country.
    With so many sacrifices this country came to existing now it is up to younger
    generation to keep with the country. There should be no short cut in working
    hard work, there should be no ammunitation in the country in the hands of public.
    The miltary should help in weeding out the present situation- the public govt
    seems to be failing in this respect. Give me an example were you find so many citizens are being killed every day in any part of the world.


  24. Who is India to talk can't beat Pakistan in war and Karachi mafia rule Bollywood and all top male actors are Muslim so it proofs i lot r not good at anything

  25. bollywood is such a waste of time, money and mind….. except for a few producers such as Farhan Akhtar and Amir Khan everyone is producing the same crap again and again!! Lets be fair ….. with corruption risen to the level that even foot path toads ask for "Baksheesh" in Delhi and Mumbai, what can you expect from an industry run by under world black money!! Better call India "Rape-Land"!! Guys, do watch Hindi movies but remember that the same India has turned so corrupt, inept that weak that the same people writing so much in favor of their Mahan Bharat are actually so desperate to leave their "Mother-land" on the first notice!! Just rebut me if I am wrong!! I know the India of today more than anything!! Milkman Jaats are driving Audis in Gurgaon and Middle Class youth are dreaming day-in and day-out to leave India at the first notice!!

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