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In a case involving two private citizens, one a kingmaker who has risen from rags to riches and the other son of a leading jurist, many members of the media, and political parties stand exposed. The gentleman in question is an anti Robin Hood who allegedly deprives the poor and destitute lower middle class of lands and deposits, but relishes the rich ruling elite and few media icons with generous gifts and favors. In fact in 2011, he was instrumental in facilitating over 200 members of the privileged elite to perform complimentary Umrah, well past the deadline, incurring huge penalties on loss making PIA.
One wonders why should members of PPP, PML-Q and ANP be seen taking sides as if this person is their benefactor, or the anchors asking serious questions from just one of the accused, while painting the other as a victim. One such analyst stated on a private TV channel that the Bahria Town boss who was given VVIP protocol in Islamabad was intimidated by this young man who neither holds any public office, nor has any credibility. Even the PTI and others are relatively silent on this issue. This is an issue where one party with more influence within political and bureaucratic establishment than any other institution, has paid money to seemingly not so innocent and wayward son of a senior judge who has more credibility amongst people of this country than anybody else including media.
There is also this background of US Secretary of State having stated on record that they have disbursed $ 50 million to get a sympathetic Pakistani media response and Rs 2.9 billion of secret funds belonging to tax payers which has already been distributed by ministry of information. The prominent role played in this controversy by those anchors and media barons who hold US or British nationality and have sworn allegiance to serve their national interests, when called upon to do so raises many eyebrows. All these pose many questions on credibility and independence of media, which they need to address before next elections.


  1. The channel with 42 sides on C is owned by more loyal servant with Yankee passport and is favorite for charity donations by the min of Info

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