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David and Goliath

I fail to understand the exuberance and emotional outburst of PPP and its coalition partners in their support for Bahria Town boss, which in many ways is similar in content and enthusiasm to their support of the president viz a viz the Swiss letter case. Who is David or Goliath depends upon the perception of an individual. In any case a man who doles out bullet proof cars to teh ruling elite, in power or in opposition, is very difficult to assume the role of David. This is therefore a feud between two very controversial persons, in which national political parties should not get involved so blatantly.
While I can understand the political compulsions or commitment of these coalition partners to support each other, there is no justification in supporting an individual involved in a subjudice legal battle between two private citizens, unless the coalition considers scandalizing the judiciary as one of their primary objectives. Perhaps this coalition government needs to evaluate their performance, failings, governance and deliverance during past four years in comparison to performance of Supreme Court and its credibility amongst the masses.

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  1. Khalil said:

    neither of them are David, both are thugs, one a DON and a godfather, the other a small time crook who was foolish enough to be framed by the Don of B–r-ia

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