1. @cartoonist: Man! You didn't do anything for this country and you don't have any capability to do. So, if you can't stand with a man who do a lot for this country, then please don't criticize him just for money.

    • Dear Hasan
      I think Imran should first go for DNA test to clarify his doings when he was a play boy and then he may talk about our respected politicians……..

  2. Based on fabricated news. Legharis have publicly contradicted claims by writing a letter of protest against the news company. It’s hard to tell if it was unprofessional journalism or out right malicious intent. Later thought being the most likely.

  3. It is considered opinion of a large section of people that 'Pakistan Today' is on the pay roll of those who feel threatened by PTI.Such indescretions confirm those apprehentions.

  4. Given the strong contradiction by teh Laghari brothers Pakistan Today should be feeling a tad embarrassed right now.

  5. if tsunami khan can rub shoulder with sheikh rasheed(sheeda talli) ,his party fellow will do the same with other parties

  6. Very nice cartoon. Nail has been hit on the head. IK will have all three stumps removed in the next election.

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