Imran asks CJP to take suo-moto of Shia killings


PTI leader Imran Khan has asked the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo-moto notice of the Shia killings in Baluchistan and Gilgit/Baltistan.
While addressing a press conference with a prominent Shia leader of the region Sheikh Jaffery, and the leader of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Maulana Khalil in Skardu, he emphasized that the government has completely failed to maintain law and order in the region.
He said that the killing of 21 Shia passengers in a bus at Babusar pass was terrible tragedy, and a visible manifestation of complete failure by the government.
Khan said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan is taking suo moto of matters that are relatively trivial but not doing the same for sectarian killings. He said it is good that the Supreme Court is taking notice of government failures in other spheres but the matter of Shia killings requires its special consideration.
During the visit Khan made a special effort to promote sectarian harmony by contacting leaders of all sects and visiting them. He promised that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would continue to raise its voice against terrorist organizations that are deliberately trying to create conflict in the country through sectarian murders.


  1. Its taken khan a long time to wake up-could it be so because he needs Shia votes.Khan should be well aware Chief Justice is a wahabi sympathiser and that is why he has not taken any action!!!!

    • correct. all including shias brothers. hindu brothers, and chritian brothers are as much equal citizens of Pakitan as Sunni Muslims, and our parliament shud pass an amendment removing bar on minorities becoming president, PM, or Speaker NA or Chairman Senate. This law is nowhere in any modern state. Any state who discriminates its citizens in any form on the basis of religion is a barbaric state, and is not part of civilization. That s the reason Pakistan is looked upon as a fanatic people in the world.

  2. Wahabi and Deobandi are fewer than Shia. I am Deobandi. However, I stand with the Shia against the murderers and also against the persecution of Christians, Ahmadiyya, Hindus, or of any Pakistani of whatever creed or race. The bigots and murderers using the name of religion to justify sins against humanity have nothing to do with me.

  3. We have no confidence in Chaudhry Double PCO. In fact, this corrupt man is the biggest hurdle in the way of justice. These petty politicians should stop using this rogue character for their aims which they cannot achieve politically.

  4. I dare Chaudhry Double PCO to issue contempt notice to Abidi. He will never because he knows Abidi is speaking the truth.

    • hey guys ….look shahid has come back .. he is dummy name form press information department a kind of ghost writer whose job is to make comments on internet with fake names .. he also appeared when memo gate was out .. welcome back shahid .. :)))

      Rozy Roti allah kay haath may hai .. beta Zaradari kaay Nahain ..

      • "Rozy Roti allah kay haath may hai .. beta Zaradari kaay Nahain .."
        This also applies to you. It is a well known fact that ever since Nawazoo started politics corruption and lafafa journalism came along, and Nawazoo opened his gates of bribery from his ill gotten wealth to media persons who old their conscience to powerlust of Nawazoo and Co.
        It is ridiculous that above adice has come from a group who is notorious for introducing corruption in Pakistan in 1980ies.

  5. It has been a great personal disappointment to me that the independent SC for which I struggled alongside many of you has shown itself to be made of low calibre individuals. They do not even understand that a court has to be neutral and not become a player. "Activism" and "Suo Moto" are against the spirit of universal due process.

  6. Chief Justice will take a sou moto if these innocent people would have been killed by following:

    A) Government officials
    D) Intelligence Agencies

    And since Hamid Mir,Ansar Abbasi and Kamran Khan have not come up with a report till now telling that people from any of above mentioned four groups are involved in these killings, forget about a sou moto.

  7. Govt. of pakistan and CJP Iftekhar chudheri is responsible for shia killings and other ethnic violence in Pakistan because Govt. has no courage to fight against the militant group like Lashker e jhangvi and CJP,s simpathy with these militant group is clear because all member of banned organisation who involved in shia killing were released by court during last five-years and after that they started shia killing but nobody is ready to take action against then even though they owned all killing even than CJ Pakistan is not taking actions.
    QOUETA is a high alert area all pakistani agencies are working but on daily basis shia hazar.s are being killed by Lashker e jhangvii( more than 700 innocent shia,s has been killed) and they owned it.,Govt seem to be power less and hesitate to take action against the culprit even they knows who are involved. CJP can,t take sue motto action against these killings ,yes he can take action against two bottle of wine kept by actress or a slap of lady who belongs to ruling party .

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