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Sunny Leone’s husband approves all her scripts

Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel Webershare have a good camaraderie. They’ve been married for over a year now; post a courtship of five years. Daniel, who is a guitarist from Los Angeles, is now Sunny’s business manager and heads their joint production company. “No script offered to me is approved without Daniel’s permission. I do not sign any contract without making him read it,” says Sunny. Like Sunny, even Daniel has acted in adult films and now produces them. He is very protective of Sunny, he says, adding, “In an Indian society, it is taboo to be in such a profession (adult films) but we love each other. I don’t have to deal with the tag of being a porn star or my wife being one. I own the production company and we share the best relationship. We are friends, business partners and together 24×7,” says Daniel. Sunny’s Bollywood debut has kept Daniel busy for over a few months now. “I did not understand the script when I read it first though it was specifically written in English for me to understand. Daniel read it before to confirm it,” shares Sunny. The actress says if it weren’t for Daniel, she wouldn’t have been here. Are they planning to venture into B-Town as producers, now that Sunny’s made her debut here as an actor? “I don’t know,” he says, but adds that he isn’t too keen on quitting the adult film industry as of now.

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