PPP will win next election with clear majority: Sharjeel


Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Memon said the Pakistan People’s Party will win the next general election in Sindh province with a clear majority.
In a statement, he further said that the opponents of the PPP would not even find candidates in the province to contest the election.
Sharjeel Memon said that the people of Sindh have always reposed full confidence in the PPP leadership and gave a heavy mandate to the party, while Mian Nawaz Sharif has admitted his defeat in the province.
Moreover, he said that the present democratic government has undertaken record development projects in the province.
The party provided job opportunities to thousands of youths, and reinstated those sacked in previous governments, he added.
He said the party is accountable only before the people for everything.
Sharjeel Memon said the PPP would continue to serve the people without any discrimination.


  1. How many are dead in you province so far Memon????? yeah that is a record development in your province and nothing has been done about it either,thanks to your PPP

  2. Would this F**U**C**K**I**N**G S**O**B information minister boast for killing and extortion of thousands people in Karachi. After making the country a utterly failed state he has nerves to talk about development.

  3. If PPP can only tp elected if this country which is cancer patient is dead by that time. It country has to survive it must get rid of malignant tumors like Sharjeel Memom

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