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‘1 more bcf gas by 2013’

PM’s Advisor on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain said that 1 billion cubic feet (bcf) of natural gas per day from different fields will be added to the system by next winter 2013.
This he said while speaking at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI). Federal Minister for Environment Rana Mohammad Farooq was also present on the occasion.
“The good news is that gas supply will be improved in the country in next one year. These fields included Sui, Sawan and Sujawal. OGDC will enhance its production from 900 mmcg to 1.4 bcf from Sui field, making a room for 500 mmcf of gas by mid June 2013, he added. He said that increase in gas from Sawan and Latif gas fields will be ready in next 6 to 8 months.
Dr Asim said that the industry will face gas shortage this winter, but things will be better in next winter.
Similarly, he said, crude oil production will be increased from
60,000 barrel per day to 100,000 barrel per day next year. The domestic consumption is 380,000 barrel per day, he noted. “We need to set up new refineries very soon to process our own crude to reduce dependency on imported petroleum products”, he added.
Responding to a demand, the Advisor said that work was in process on low BTU value gas, tight gas and stranded gas fields in Sindh.
These gas fields will be on line before winter, he observed.
He said the government will implement 18th Amendment regarding exploration of oil and gas fields in letter and spirit. He said that title of field and lease will belong to provinces while profit will be with exploration and production companies. He pointed out that power of allocation of gas was still with the federal government. He observed that natural resources should be equitably distributed in the country.
Dr Asim said that the present government has introduced moratorium on new connections for industrial units and new housing schemes and CNG sector. He was of the opinion that return should be calculated on gas sale prices.
Referring to gas infrastructure development (GIDC), he said that the money received under this head was not coming to the government.
It was going to specific account for the upcoming projects like Iran- Pakistan gas pipeline, Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline, LNG terminal.
Responding to the demand for relief to industrial units, the Advisor said that a relief of Rs 34 has been provided to the industry. I will try my best to provide whatever cut is possible for the industry, he noted. Environment Minister Rana Farooq said that Karachi was the hub of industrial and commercial activities and its value added industries must get relief.
Earlier, KCCI president Mian Abrar Ahmed, Zubair Motiwala and
Siraj Kassem Teli urged the minister to withdraw GIDC on industry as it was increasing cost of value added sector, thus making it uncompetitive in the international market.

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