Load-shedding reduced to a large extent: Ahmad Mukhtar | Pakistan Today

Load-shedding reduced to a large extent: Ahmad Mukhtar

Minister for Water and Power Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar says work is going on rapidly on short-term energy projects to overcome power shortage in the country.
Talking to newsmen in Gujrat on Saturday‚ he said load-shedding has been reduced to a large extent.
To a question‚ the Minister said negotiations are continuing to import electricity from India. He said Korea has also shown interest in construction of dam in Pakistan.
Chaudhary Ahmad Mukhtar said general elections will be held on time. He said there is a democracy in Pakistan Peoples Party and all the matters are decided through consultations.
Answering a question‚ the Minister said Party Chairman will decided about awarding of ticket from NA-105 Gujrat.

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  1. Lahori said:

    Loadshedding reduced eh? In which country because Pakistan isnt one of them!

  2. Aadil said:

    What a liar..am residing in lahore and we are experiencing atleast loadshedding upto 10 hours a day

  3. Khoso said:

    He will do to Water & Power, what he did with PIA, ie vacuum clean what little revenue they generate.

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