Ranveer Singh defends Sonakshi’s curves!


Sonakshi Sinha may have got the brcikbrats from certain section of the industry for her curvaceous body, but good friend and co actor Ranveer Singh feels she is absolutely perfect. In the past certain people have called her ‘fat’ and rumours had it that many heroes showed reluctance in doing a film with her as she looked overweight and older to them . But Ranveer, who is doing ‘Lootera’ with Sonakshi has defended her and said, “Sonakshi has a real woman’s body”. “I think she’s gorgeous. Those who have worked with her know that she’s very fit. You can make that out from her dancing and action sequences. Moreover, I think that her attitude towards her detractors is a cool one. I don’t like it when people try and take away from such a fantastic talent on the basis of something as superficial as her weight,” said Ranveer who himself sports a six pack. Ranveer’s fondness for Sonakshi is known to all, but we think speaking out in defence of your friend is extremely sweet Ranveer!