Ramesh Sippy to direct a thriller, Big B may star in it


Finally, after years of abstinence from what he was born to do, Ramesh Sippy is all set to return to direction. For the fans of Sippy’s timeless cinema-and we refer not just to the pioneering Sholay but also to the equally powerful Shakti, Saagar, Seeta Aur Geeta and Andaz – the return of the maestro to movie-making is a significant sign of the changing time in Bollywood where the giants had lost the will and the way to create landmarks. Says Sippy, “I am aware I haven’t directed a film for many years. But, I saw no reason to jump into it just because of a time lapse. I’ve
made films out of very powerful scripts in the past. Then I directed Zamana Deewana in 1995, which was not that strong in content. Then I decided if I found no script worth shooting, I won’t direct another film if I didn’t get the right script.” Fortunately, for Ramesh Sippy and for us his fans, the right script has showed up. And Sippy Saab is all set to explore a genre that he has never attempted before.