Court adjourns hearing after Rimsha’s rivals object to medical report


A Sessions judge on Thursday adjourned the bail hearing of Rimsha Masih, a juvenile Christian girl accused of blasphemy, after the accuser’s lawyer objected to the authenticity of a medical report that determined the girl’s age.
Earlier, Sessions Judge Raja Jawad resumed the hearing of the case during which Rimsha’s lawyer Tahir Naveed pleaded for bail on the basis of a medical report, which certified that the accused was not an adult, and was only 14 years old. He said that a medical board, comprising of eminent doctors, had been set up by the order of Additional District Magistrate to determine the girl’s age.
However, the accuser’s lawyer, Rao Abdur Raheem, challenged the medical board’s report, arguing that the board which had issued the report, was not set up by the court, but by the district magistrate. He told the court that on August 28, the court had formally ordered to set up a medical board to ascertain the age of the accused girl, while the presented report had been issued a day before this order. He further claimed that doctors were favoring Rimsha, while the state was also supporting her.
After hearing Rao’s arguments, the court sought clarification from the district magistrate on the authenticity of the medical report, and adjourned the hearing until September 1. During the hearing, strict security arrangements were made by the local police and no unauthorized person was allowed to enter the district court. Rimsha Masih, who is currently in prison, was arrested for allegedly burning pages of a Noorani Qaeda in the Maira Jaffar area in G-12, Islamabad. On August 16, Ramna Police registered a case against her under blasphemy law and sent her to jail. Talking to reporters after the hearing, Rao said that the case was a test, as the accused girl had “confessed” that she had burnt a chapter of the “Holy Book”. During the proceedings, a large number of people including human rights activists were also present in the court.


  1. Ppl of Pakistan will soon be doomed because they are the opressors. Allah will get every1 of his enemies n the enemies of humanity.

  2. Rimsha is innocent . The iman and the neighbor who brought these charges setup the innocent mentally disabled juvenileThese men are guilty of incting hatred. This is not the will of allah. Release her and put a stop to hate filled prosecutors.Give it up already. The medical reports are in. Take it. Put a stop to this autrosity now. The girl should have been long ago home with her parents.The entire world is watching Rimsha and we ALL send you BIG LOVE. You are the world's princess and we stand for you at your side, we surround you with love, only love. We are imprisoned by you being imprisoned. Shame shame shame apon those filled with hate. Even now reports speak of muslim outrage if she is released. So lets fly her out with her whole family under the strictest security and let her feel family and safety once more.

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