‘PML-N was the first to demand new provinces’


Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif has said that Pakistan Muslim League-N is a strong supporter of the creation of new provinces under the constitution of Pakistan and was the first to demand setting up of a national commission for restoration of Bahawalpur province and establishment of other provinces. He lamented that some forces which were inimical to people of Punjab were trying to undermine the interests of the province on the pretext of its division. He said that such elements have neither any sympathy for the people of Southern Punjab nor are serious in creation of new provinces. He said that PML-N fully supported setting up of new provinces in various parts of the country on administrative grounds and had raised its voice for this purpose and also presented a resolution in Punjab Assembly which provides guideline in this regard. Shahbaz said that federal government had set up the commission for the creation of new provinces only in Punjab and the nomination of its members is enough to expose the real designs of Zardari gang. Shahbaz said that PML-N would fully support any sincere effort for the creation of new provinces under the constitution which is aimed at setting up of new provinces on administrative grounds and providing maximum facilities to the people belonging to backward areas. The CM said that efforts were being made to use this very important issue for achieving political interests and nefarious designs of those elements politicizing this issue will be foiled as this was not a national commission but this was a commission to protect narrow political interests.