Zardari’s claim of serving ‘democracy’ ridiculous: Munawar Hasan


Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has termed President Zardari’s claim of having served the cause of democracy during his present tenure as ‘ridiculous’, and said no body would be deceived by such statements.
Commenting on President’s assertion in this regard, the JI Ameer said that instead of serving democracy, corruption-smeared Zardari had driven democracy out of the country as his four and a half years rule had been a period of worst dictatorship.
He wondered whom was Mr Zardari trying to fool through such a statement when he is personally littered with corruption from top to bottom and the long list of his government’s failures included US slavery, abductions for ransom, target killings, load shedding, price spiral, lawlessness, a debt ridden economy and friendly overtures for India, our sworn enemy.
In fact, he said, President Zardari considered his rule a US gift and believed that safeguarding US interests also guaranteed his power. Therefore, he was not ready to take any risk by annoying Washington. To him, national interest did not matter at all nor did he consider himself answerable to the people. It was because of the present regime that the country was facing US aggression and drone attacks. The silence of the government and the armed forces on the drone attacks implied these were being made with the government consent, he added.
Syed Munawar Hasan said the situation in the country warranted the rulers to quit and present themselves before the peoples court. He said October would have been the best time for elections but that seemed to be difficult. However, he said, if the Zardari regime got more time, it might refuse to hold elections. He said that an “oppositions’ grand alliance” was the need of the hour to face the ruling coalition.


  1. They do have street power to derail democratic process and as a result Zia Ul Haq took over in a coup… The same they want to repeat even if elections are conducted in fair manner. These and like minded rightists are afraid from liberal forces. It would have been better had he mentioned a certain person under whom they will be satisfied. Any unconstitutional way to conduct coming elections will only be a joke with the country. Munawar Sahib is a well learned person and should talk which suits his position as JI Ameer. Elections will be held under a caretaker Govt, so what is JI going on about? The PTI and JI game plan is that if they don’t win elections then they will cry foul and create unrest even if the elections are fair and transparent.

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